who i’m


I’m a Little Piggy, Short and Stout, and a little bit of a Creative Lout.

Prefer to follow lines than i do rules but rulers are very useful for getting the lines right.

my happy place

I Like doing thing’s that are different because most of the time they are difficult.

I Like turning useless into useful, happy to skip dive.

Save but not Horde.

Super Comfy Workshop Chair on Wheels
Super Comfy Workshop Chair on Wheels

Reuse where possible, recycle responsible. Keep your bin’s in order. Don’t just throw away, think about what and where.

The super skip dive comfy chair that I modified to make it even better. One of Two. £30 edit to £200+ chairs, plus on the new floor it will be on, super stoked.

Cutting card and spraying throught it since 2001, not great at biographies, did a few year’s plotter cutting, then went back to hand cutting stencils, 2011 onwards.
2015 December, got my own workshop.
Got a space i can work in, it was a great feeling.


1. Who’s important, #1.
2. Money is probably #1.
3.If #2’s wrong go to #5
4. If it don’t ‘JAZZ’ anymore, walk away.
5. Keep Busy.
6. Stay Sharpe.
7.When it gets so stupid it’s laughable, stop, re-group, focus on the important points.
8.Don’t over think it.
9.Over Engineer the Design Problem.
10.Make the most of it.
11.Stock Up!
12.When a gift horse looks you in the mouth, find a way to feed it.
13.Be better at people!
14.Challenge Self.
15.Have Persistance!!!