who i’m


i’m a little piggy, short and stout,
and a little bit of a creative lout.

Prefer to follow lines than i do rules but rulers are very useful for getting the lines right.

my happy place

Smoking, Drinking, Making, Doing, Creating, Building.

Like doing thing’s that are different because most of the time they are difficult.

Like turning useless into useful, happy to skip dive.

Save but not Horde.

Reuse where possible, recycle responsible. Keep your bin’s in order.

Made two of the best ever office chairs, mobile and super comfy.


1. Who’s important, #1.
2. Money is probably #1.
3. If it don’t ‘JAZZ’ anymore, walk away.
4. Keep Busy.
5. Stay Sharpe.
6.When it gets so stupid it’s laughable, stop, re-group, focus on the important points.