Visual Vomit

Just a sketch I did one night, liked it, was wanting to have some fun and games and they were provided through door painting so I decided to paint mine, liked it, needed another week to finish it, first brush work in a long while.
Visual VomitEye 8 All the Hay, The Stables. Finished, will only be available for the next 6 days, getting buffed black on 2nd December 2018. Nice way to mark 3 years in the Unit.

Now a nice shade of Matt Black, might do some small pinstripe detail.

A comment on how much we are force feed information into our eyes and how sometimes it can make our eyes sick.
And I liked the sketch. The brain fart.

Work on WorkShop

Getting the workshop ‘Thermally Moisture Efficient’.
I.E. Moving away from the damp and the mould, fixing and clearing walls where possible, getting ready for a lining, frame and board.
6 month project to get it fully finished as a working space for all the things I like to do, this is an important step in getting the space working efficiently and productively.

Full wall work bench planned for that back wall.


Base of Opperations

š•Žš• š•£š•œš•¤š•™š• š•”.

All my stuff for making things loaded into the new Workshop.
Got the desk setup with all the important things.

Now have a Base to call a Workshop, exciting 5 days.
Still getting everything setup, built, worked out, ordered. šŸ™‚

Pushed Hard as Hell to get this after some difficult times and Iā€™m super stoked to be in and secure for a time. šŸ™‚