My Friend Dave and New

So Lord Dave passed away on 18th February 2019, went screaming, went quick when he knew I had him in my arms. Will be mine forever now.

Last Good Dave sleeping upstairs photo.
Last Good Dave sleeping upstairs photo.

Welcome Two New Friends

It was decided quite quickly that the void Dave was going to leave needed to be filled as soon as possible, not to forget but to move on.
A web search was done and a picture caught an eye and 9 days later we were looking at some potential new friends and some wooly pigs.
About a week after that we had two 4 yr old lady cat’s come to join us.

peachy at the back, pickle up front
peachy at the back, pickle up front

Peachy is actually Peaches, I just can’t say that name. Pickle is a pickle, get’s in pickle’s which Peachy then has to investigate after Pickle has knocked everything off.
Sister’s if you’ve not guessed yet, in my world, neice’s of Dave’s.

Not Forgotten

Our friend Dave will never be forgotten.

Immortal in Memory
Immortal in Memory

Lord Dave #2

𝕃𝕠𝕣𝕕 𝔻𝕒𝕧𝕖.

Best one of Dave so far

Dave the Cat is one of the best, he’s getting on in years now and needs and definitely gets daily love πŸ™‚ my little ginger O.G.
As long as he’s kicking he will be immortalized on canvas once a year, with spray paint and card.

Going on the House wall (and probably duplicated onto the Workshop Wall and most likley the Mash Up Wall too)

Got this one just right.

6 layers
A2 canvas