End of the Monnow by OiNK

2 months of nearly solid 6 day’s a week  cutting out card to produce this latest piece.

A Digitally Modified Photo printed onto 4 Layers of special card, Then hand drawn and cut and aerosol sprayed one at a time to create a River Scene that is just down the road.

Large A2 +1.5cm Size.

Not that many layers involved in this one but a stink load of detail on layers 2, 3 and 4.

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

A lot of finger cramp and a lot of blades were used to get this done.

First test spray using more natural colours, didn’t quite have the pop I was looking for. Wrong sort of Cardboard as well.

Final spray on canvas with some different colours, bit more of the pop i was looking for. Happy with the outcome of this one.

A third spray, on cardboard, earth tones but better than the first one, not as stand out as the second one. Possibly going away away.


Base of Operation

Now have a Base to call a Studio, exciting 5 days.
Still getting everything setup, built, worked out, ordered. 🙂

Pushed Hard as Hell to get this after some difficult times and I’m super stoked to be in and secure for a time, just got to start getting some bank in now. 🙂
Hopefully a few new idea’s will attract some interest in the canvas. 🙂