First Monroe piece, wanted to do something different from the normal images you see everyone else doing.
First of a Series.


This piece is available for sale, will be doing a run of 20 with options on the background and will be tweaking a couple of layers each time so that no one will be the same as any other, all 20 will be unique.

51cm x 41cm x 2.5cm Canvas,
7 Layers of Stencil.
Each Canvas is made to order, it’s not created until it’s ordered.
£49.95 + £7.00 p+p
Total £56.95
Choose how you would like yours to look.
[wp_cart_button name=”Monroe Flower (MM01)” price=”49.95″ shipping=”7.00″ var1=”Background Colour|oink chooses|red|blue|yellow|green|purple|orange” ” var2=”Background Pattern|oink chooses|splash|solid|other”]
2 of 20 sold
Total time for this piece is 17 hours to print, stick, cut all 7 layers out of card and then paint and dry each layer on the canvas.
5+ hours condensed into 1 1/4 hours

it’s never easy being breezy