A Selection of recent Commission work created.
gone to the chefs side by OiNK
20161017_155018 reception-sendoff-by-oink 20160819_191545
20160719_200334 fly Butch Roger loves Wales

I am happy to do commission work but there are a few stipulations to follow.

  • When working from a provided image, please try and make that image at least 2000px (pixel) in width or height otherwise it is very difficult to create a good detailed stencil. Anything bigger means better detail. Best size is 4000px for a decent, detailed 60cm canvas.
  • I will give options to the background and possibly the colour palette, that is it, everything else I get to decide, I am the one putting my name on it of course.
  • A certain amount of pre image editing can need to be done before hand, like remove background, gamma/contrast lighting edits, other edits.
  • You like my style and are willing to own a canvas that is in my style.
  • Depending on size of canvas, it normally takes 7 days from agreed image to finished canvas to be complete.
  • I would encourage commission buyers to come and visit the finished piece in person before full payment is made but if that is not possible i will send as many detailed photo’s as necessary before payment is taken and the canvas is sent out.

If you are interested in a commissioned piece then just email using the contact page. 🙂