Mash Up Wall

Mash Up Wall #2

Mash Up Wall Number 2 started.
Work got bigger than the space that was left on Mash Up Wall Number 1 so started a new one.

Some old canvasses re-done with white and colour splash then a shiny chrome and florescent spread of stripes from top left to bottom right.
Had to add four other canvas to add all I wanted to add so I did a match opposite partly.
The Ivy’s all together with good security and watching eyes. And room for the next one’s.


Lord Dave 2016

Dave the Cat is one of the best, he’s getting on in years now and needs and definitely gets daily love 🙂 my little ginger O.G.
As long as he’s kicking he will be immortalized on canvas once a year, with spray paint and card.
Lord Dave 2016 by OiNK
6 layers on an A2 canvas.
Going on the House wall (and probably duplicated onto the workshop wall)