End of the Monnow by OiNK

Stencil on Canvas

The Monnow River run’s right through, We are not a place without it.

2 months of nearly solid 6 day’s a week cutting out card to produce this piece.
A Photo that I took  a few years ago that has been Digitally Modified , Printed onto Paper, Trimmed and stuck down onto 4 A0 Layers of heavy weight card, Then hand drawn and  hand cut and aerosol sprayed one at a time to create a River Scene that is just down the road.

Large A1 +1.5cm Size.

Not that many layers involved in this one but a stink load of detail on layers 2, 3 and 4. Thought it worth documenting.

Layer 2

Layer 3

Layer 4

A lot of finger cramp, a lot of tea and a lot of blades were used to get this done.

First test spray using more natural colours, didn’t quite have the POP I was looking for. Wrong sort of Cardboard as well.
Wanted the piece to really stand out and look different so I went for a completly un-natural colour set.

Final spray on canvas with some different colours, bit more of the pop i was looking for. Happy with the outcome of this one.
A third spray, on cardboard, earth tones but better than the first one, not as stand out as the second one. Possibly going away away.

Third Spray is now in Australia in the Stencil Art Prize Gallery Show.


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